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Heatec was formed in 1977 as a company dedicated to building heaters and tanks for road construction. Consequently, Heatec began manufacturing direct-fired asphalt heaters and helical coil hot oil heaters. Also, the company began to design and fabricate asphalt storage tanks for Astec hot mix asphalt plants.

It soon became apparent that the company’s hot oil heaters were well suited for industries unrelated to road construction. Consequently, such heaters were sold for use in the carpet industry and for use in production of roofing shingles. New applications for the heaters and related products have grown rapidly ever since. At the present time Heatec products are used in a score of different industries.

Heatec manufactures and markets a broad line of heaters and liquid storage tanks. These products are used at facilities that produce and supply materials for road construction, mostly hot-mix asphalt (HMA) plants, asphalt terminals, emulsion terminals and concrete producers. And our products are used by numerous other industries unrelated to road construction.